Q: What happens to the tracking telephone numbers if I stop my campaign – can I buy the number?

A: Once the campaign has ended, the tracking number will stop transferring calls to your business. However, many business owners will want to acquire the number for long term purposes if they have used it in any print advertising, radio, commercials, etc.

There is an easy way to acquire the tracking number permanently and it is done through a “port” process. whereby you sign a “letter of authorization” to transfer the ownership of the tracking number from our telecom supplier to your businesses’ telecom supplier (in Canada – Rogers, Bell, etc.). There may be some charges from your telephone provider when porting a number from our telecom supplier & there is usually a 3 – 6 week wait period for the port process to be completed.

Q: Can the telephone numbers forward to a specific extension?

A: No. The tracking telephone numbers need to forward to a main business line or dedicated line.

Q: Do the forwarding numbers work with vanity numbers?

A: The system does not work with vanity numbers. A custom solution is available though, so do contact us.

Q: What numbers are available?

A: All numbers are available including 905 and 647 numbers in Toronto/GTA. 416 and other numbers (New York 212 & 781) are the only numbers not available. In addition, due to Provincial regulations we cannot get any local numbers in Saskatchewan.

Vanity numbers are not available. For the toll free numbers 877 and 866 numbers are available at no extra charge but there is an $85 fee to acquire a 1-800 number.

Q: Can I pause the campaign?

A: You cannot pause the service. Pausing the service has the same effect as cancelling the service.

Q: Can I change the source that a telephone number tracks?

A: Absolutely. Call sources can be changed at a $75 charge.

Q. What happens with multiple phone calls at the same time – is there any lost data?

A. No, all calls will go through and no data will be lost.

Q. Are there any call restrictions or additional costs?

A. There are no call restrictions but regular long distance and international fees apply. Additionally, there is a $0.005 charge associated with each minute of toll-free usage (already included in price).

Q. Can phone calls be recorded?

A. Yes, but for this option usage is billed at 1.5 times the minutes used = see pricing chart. Recorded messages are stored for up to 3 months.

Q. Can I choose which lines I want to record?

A. Yes, the recording option is available on a line-per-line basis so you can pick and choose which sources you wish to track with the recording option.

Q. Can we see how much usage has accumulated in a given month?

A. Yes, both from within Google Analytics and our own AdTracks interface you will have instant access to see the amount of usage at any given time. We will also send out monthly reports that summarize the usage per phone line.

Q. Is there a way to tell which source a visitor is calling from before you speak to them?

A. Yes, there is a way to hear what source the potential customer came in on before phone call takes place – you set up a “whisper message” to be heard only on your end and these messages can be customized as you require. Once set up, you will hear a whisper telling you which source they came on before the phone call actually starts (e.g. customer hears receptionist with your custom message – “Thanks for calling XYZ…” while you hear “Customer calling from Google Paid Line – use 25% discount).

Does AdTracks have access to my Google Analytics account or data?>/strong>

A. No. See also our data usage policy

For any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us!