Four “out of the box” packages are available for you. Each comes with a preset number of telephone lines and call minutes – custom “mix & match” packages suited specifically for your business can easily be created.


* Prices are in CDN dollars
* Bill additional usage @ $0.09 a minute
* Usage is rounded to the nearest minute

** These are the additional costs for the phone recording option/monthly minutes
** Bill additional call recording usage @ $0.14 a minute

Set-Up Time: One – Two Weeks for set up of a new campaign. This takes into account the time it takes to get access to all the numbers and to get FTP access where possible.

Payment: Payment by Credit Card at time of signing (prices do not include taxes). Please note: There is a 90 day minimum contract sign-up for AdTracks.

Example Usage

Basic: Just phone calls off site

Standard: Google Paid, Organic and “other”

Complete: Google Paid, Organic, “other” and 2 offline

Advanced: All search engines paid and organic, “other” and 3 offline

Customizing Packages

In determining which package to go with, or whether you need a customized solution, ask yourself the following:

  • On average, how many phone calls do you get per month?
  • What’s the average length of a typical phone call?
  • How many sources (advertising channels, referrers, keywords, etc.) do you want to start off with?

Additional telephone lines are $15/month with a $50 set-up fee.

There’s a one-time $75 fee to change the source of a telephone line.

Form Tracking

AdTracks subscriptions of three months and over come with free form tracking for two forms. Others can purchase form tracking as a standalone service.

AdTracks Form Tracking allows you to see exactly how a potential customer found your web site and took action. You’ll be able to track the source and the exact keyword for each form submission and see it all in the AdTracks reporting interface.