Track Any Online or Offline Advertising Channel by Assigning a Dedicated Toll Free or Local Line

Track any offline or online advertising channel down to the source level (e.g. Google organic vs. Google Paid), and even down to the keyword level by assigning it to a local or toll free line.

These dedicated numbers appear dynamically based on the user's path of entrance (source). These lines redirect to your direct business line of choice and call details are tracked automatically.

Data is automatically pulled into Google Analytics (under event tracking) and our own AdTracks Interface, so within a couple clicks you see all the data you need! Track total number of calls per source, caller ID, even the date and time of each call!

To summarize, AdTracks is an all in one call tracking solution that allows business owners and marketing decision makers to see which advertising channels are the most effective in terms of driving the largest amount of phone calls to their business. The importance of tracking the effectiveness of different advertising channels is vital to ensure that businesses are utilizing their media spends in the best way possible; at the end of the day it's all about ROI and this call tracking service helps determine which advertising channels are really contributing to your bottom line. AdTracks is also a very robust and flexible tracking system - you can change phone lines and measure different sources of advertising/different keywords from month to month if need be - all in an effort to help you spend your marketing dollars smarter and more effectively!

AdTracks Benefits

Find Out Which Advertising Channels are Actually Driving Leads!

Determine which advertising is actually working for you...

Allowing you to spend your marketing dollars more wisely... YOU save money in the long run and improve your cost per lead significantly!